Why Should You Visit - Samsun Furniture & Decoration Fair

The Samsun Furniture and Decoration Fair is Waiting For You

Experience the meeting point of the furniture sector in Çukurova by getting your online ticket now! From classic to modern, avant-garde to retro, a wide variety of furniture is being showcased at the Samsun Furniture and Decoration Fair for industry professionals to explore. We invite you to the Samsun Furniture Fair, held at the TÜYAP Samsun Fair and Congress Center, to meet leading companies in the sector and discover new suppliers.

Factors That Highlight the Samsun Furniture and Decoration Fair

The Samsun Furniture Fair promises its participants an inspiring, collaborative, and innovative atmosphere at this exciting event in the heart of the furniture world. There are many advantages to visiting the Samsun Furniture Fair. Here are some factors compiled for visitors like you.

A Common Meeting Point for Innovation and Design

Türkiye, which is increasingly making a name for itself in the global furniture production every year, is one of the world's strongest furniture producing countries, exporting to 200 customs points with its combination of quality craftsmanship and contemporary designs. The fair showcases the latest furniture designs and trends in the industry, offering visitors the opportunity to explore innovative and inspiring products.

Business Connections and Networking

Türkiye proximity to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East provides advantageous access to large markets. The fair offers the opportunity to meet and collaborate with many local and international companies operating in the sector. Visitors can establish new business connections by meeting potential business partners. Additionally, due to various international free trade and customs union agreements, Türkiye is an attractive trade center.

Opportunity to Explore Hundreds of Suppliers

The Samsun Furniture Fair offers visitors the opportunity to meet many manufacturing companies with over a hundred participants and brands. At the fair, you can seize the chance to meet a wide range of alternative suppliers, enhance your product diversity, find different suppliers to collaborate with on your projects, and stay updated on the latest developments in the industry.


New and Exclusive Product Launches

Be the first to examine the latest design products at the fair! The new products created by the participating companies, creative designers, and skilled craftsmen will be exhibited for the first time at the Samsun Furniture Fair. Don't miss the opportunity to be among the first to discover innovative products where design meets functionality.