Why Should You Participate - Samsun Furniture & Decoration Fair


Take Your Place at the Grand Meeting of the Furniture Sector !

The Samsun Furniture Fair offers a unique opportunity for companies to enhance their competitive advantages, create new business opportunities, and strengthen their leadership positions in the sector. Don't miss out on the opportunities that the Samsun Furniture Fair offers. Take advantage of them before it's too late.

Why Samsun Furniture Fair ?

The Samsun Furniture Fair primarily creates a regional focal point, offering companies the opportunity to interact and expand their customer base in regional markets. The fair provides a platform for local business connections and potential partnerships by allowing direct communication with other furniture companies and professionals in the region. Additionally, Samsun's tourist appeal offers fair visitors the chance to explore the city's cultural and touristic attractions alongside business-focused experiences. This allows fair participants to not only establish business connections but also experience the unique features of the city. The economic growth in Samsun can potentially create a customer base for participating companies and the dynamics of the local economy can offer new business opportunities and growth potential for companies. For these reasons, the Samsun Furniture Fair stands out as an important opportunity for companies looking to effectively establish their presence in regional markets.


Introduce Your Products and Services

The Samsun Furniture Fair provides an opportunity to effectively showcase your products and services to a wide audience. Through the fair, you can reach a broader audience, not only promoting your products and services but also showcasing your brands and business. Allow potential customers to inspect and experience the products in your portfolio firsthand, and provide them with information about your products. Reach key decision-makers in the industry with product and service demos to enhance your trading potential.

Make Direct Sales and Business Deals

Samsun Furniture provides an excellent environment for increasing your business's commercial success by offering opportunities for direct sales and expanding your customer portfolio. Take advantage of sales opportunities during and after the fair to contribute to the growth of your business. Direct purchasing decision-makers to your sales channels, dealers, and distributors. Provide information to potential customers, understand their needs, and establish long-term relationships to create future sales opportunities. Take your place at the fair to create future sales opportunities.

The Star of the Furniture Sector: TÜRK Furniture

Türkiye has recently become the fastest-growing country in terms of export figures in the global furniture sector. Its primary goal is to enter the top 10 in furniture exports, and Türkiye has risen to 6th place. The new goal of Türkiye furniture is to become one of the top 5 countries in the world furniture sector. The design-focused production approach is making Türkiye furniture a highly valued sector with a strong brand presence internationally.

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